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Awarded a tender for Mariout and Nubaria silos
February 08 2021

Awarded a tender for Mariout and Nubaria silos

Project Objective The project contributes to reducing the spoilage of wheat stored by traditional methods, representing 10%, which causes an annual loss estimated at 2.7 billion pounds annually, as it is being established within the Emirati project to establish 25 silos to store wheat in 17 Egyptian governorates, which aims to increase the capacity of Storing wheat and grains amounting to 1.5 million tons, which is being implemented in cooperation with 3 ministries, namely investment, supply, and agriculture. The project also contributes to reducing dependence on importing wheat from abroad, at the equivalent of about $160 million per year. The new silos also contribute to raising the quality of the subsidized loaf of bread. The silos that are being constructed include two marine silos with conical bottoms and 23 onshore silos with horizontal bottoms. Knowing that the storage capacity of the Al-Amriya silo reaches 60 thousand tons, which is of the metal type with a conical bottom, and works according to the latest techniques for preserving and storing grains, and it is gaining special importance due to its strategic location that contributes to enhancing its importance, and he explained that the silo depends on The use of modern technologies to maintain the safety, validity, and safety of wheat, as it will be provided with two moving air suction cups in Alexandria port, each with a capacity of 700 tons per hour, and it is made up of 10 metal cells and is equipped with modern techniques for preservation and storage, in addition to providing it with a fumigation system that protects Stored quantities of spoilage. He added that the construction of the concrete bases for 7 cells has been completed so far, and work is underway to complete the remaining three, with the soil being prepared, prepared, and prepared to receive the cells upon their arrival at the site.

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Awarded a tender for Mariout and Nubaria silos
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