About Our Company

Who We Are?

UEC Company was founded and established in Egypt in 1999 by  Eng. Sherif Samy and key personnel who were working on one of the sound-name contracting companies.

We are a company specialized in the field of gas & oil, as well as the field of petrochemical Electrical, construction instrumentation.

We have extensive experience in pre-construction services and preparations until the establishment of complete construction projects.

What Do We Offer?

Project Management

  • Contract administration
  • Specification Planning
  • scheduling and control
  • Subcontractors’ coordination
  • Quality assurance


  •  The company has associations with renowned manufacturers around the world besides our local resources.
  • We offer an extensive inventory of E&I material.


  • Construction management
  • Qualified supervision and labor for prefabrication & inspection
  • Assembly and on-site installation
  • Quality control


  • Qualified engineers and technicians for testing and start-up procedure.
  • Advanced equipment and instruments special for commissioning activities.
Why UEC Company?


constantly by providing integrated solutions for the management of construction projects and all engineering construction requirements.


 We have the experience that qualifies us to help in different industrial fields and provide all the capabilities your project needs.


The success of your project is part of our success, so we seek transparently to always choose the best for our customers.


 Attention to detail, accuracy in performance, and commitment to what we promised our clients is what our reputation is based on.


Every client has special attention & care from our team so that we get the satisfaction of all our clients.

Team of Experts:

We save you effort and cost by avoiding obstacles to the progress of work through a team of experts.