The installation of 764 thousand high-pressure flashlights

Dr. Muhammad Al-Yamani, the spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, confirmed that 822,984 high-pressure sodium spotlights with a capacity of 150 watts have been supplied so far, to electricity companies, with the aim of rationalizing consumption with public lighting in the streets. Al-Yamani added, in statements to “al Yom el sabe3”, that 764,931 searchlights have been installed so far in many regions at the level of the Republic, pointing out that the first phase of the project aims to change all the current searchlights to other “high-pressure sodium”, which number 3.9 million searchlights, in cooperation with the Ministry of Local Development, the Arab Organization for Industrialization and the Ministry of Finance, to install them nationwide, aiming to install one million searchlights. Al-Yamani explained that the cost of changing the headlights of lighting poles is estimated at about 2.1 billion pounds, explaining that the rest of the quantity will be installed within 20 months, with a total project implementation period of 28 months, and the total savings in loads is estimated at 600 megawatts. Al-Yamani indicated that it is planned to convert the 400-watt headlights to 150-watt high-pressure sodium, in the main streets, and for the secondary streets, the 250-watt headlights will be replaced with 100-watt high-pressure sodium ones.