LED bulbs

buy 10 LED bulbs in exchange for a new electricity meter

An official source at the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy revealed that there are instructions to electricity distribution companies to oblige new consumers to purchase 10 LED bulbs in exchange for a new electricity meter. The source added, in exclusive statements to “al yum elsabe3”, that these instructions came to solve the crisis of the electricity distribution companies, as they were unable to distribute the 13 million LED bulbs within the framework of the campaign launched by the ministry last February to rationalize consumption. The source pointed out that the new consumer has the right to choose the payment method, either through interest-free installments over 24 months, or immediate payment, noting that the electricity distribution companies were unable to implement the campaign plan over the past year. The source added that 12 million LED bulbs have been supplied so far to the distribution companies, revealing that 6 million LED bulbs have been distributed so far since the campaign was launched last February to citizens in all parts of the country.